4 Access Partners

How We Help

Targeted Education and Assistance

4 Access Partners offers targeted education and assistance based on our entrepreneurs’ most pressing needs. We have identified the biggest pain points in taking an idea from kitchen to retail. Our programs target only the most compelling unmet needs of entrepreneurs. If others are addressing the need, we celebrate that and choose not to compete. Instead, we are solely focused in areas where our experience and network can make a meaningful impact​. Our 4 Access Points are:

Access to Expertise

One of the most important components of our Intellectual Philanthropy model is the transfer of industry and business knowledge from our partner volunteers to our entrepreneurs. We work hard to pair entrepreneurs with the volunteers whose expertise is best suited to their business. These volunteers are committed to the success of their clients simply because of the relationships they build as they work together to make the entrepreneur’s goals a reality. Learn More →

Access to Training

Entrepreneurs rely on well-trained employees to contribute to their company’s ongoing success. Our training programs are offered to both entrepreneurs and entry-level job seekers who would like to improve their knowledge of and skills in the food manufacturing industry. Entrepreneurs in our program may undergo group or individual training with volunteers, while community members can currently access our training materials through our partnership with Summit Academy OIC. Individuals who complete this Food Manufacturing 101 program will go on to secure entry-level jobs in the industry.Learn More →

Access to Capital

Any business looking to expand must have access to capital, but new entrepreneurs may struggle to secure funding. Our partnerships with local financial institutions facilitate the process of obtaining a loan, a win for our clients, while capital providers benefit from lower-risk lending. We leverage our expertise to de-risk loans by building the lender’s confidence in the borrower. When clients have access to both expertise and capital, success is well within their grasp. Learn More →

Access to Scale

Taking an idea from the kitchen to the shelves requires business acumen and manufacturing capacity. As a business grows, it must scale its operations appropriately to avoid missing out on valuable opportunities to expand its reach. 4 Access Partners helps clients examine and improve upon the supply chain that gets their products to the consumer. Our scale partners offer creative solutions to bridge the gap between the client’s current manufacturing capacity and the production level it would take to grow their business. Learn More →