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Thanks to the financial support of our partners, 4 Access Partners offers job training to underserved community members at several levels, including training for our entrepreneurs and for individuals who are interested in obtaining employment in the food manufacturing industry. We are always building and improving our training curriculum to support entrepreneurs and enable entry level food manufacturing jobs. Our expert volunteers compile the most helpful and relevant information, which we then work to distribute to community members through our partnerships with community organizations.

Training Programs for Entrepreneurs

Our training efforts are twofold to maximize our reach. First, our training is aimed at our entrepreneur clients. We conduct this training in one of two ways: in cohort training with other entrepreneurs or via individual support.

Entrepreneurs will fit into one of these training styles depending upon their need and the stage their business is at. Our cohort training is largely done in partnership with local community groups. This training is offered in addition to the expertise our volunteers already offer clients. 

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Job Training for Local Community Members

Our second type of training targets underemployed, underserved individuals interested in entering the food manufacturing industry. We currently offer this training in partnership with Summit Academy OIC. Successful graduates of our Food Manufacturing program go on to entry level and career-enabling jobs at the likes of Cargill, Kowalski’s, Second Harvest Heartland and General Mills. Many employers who are familiar with the program prefer to employ our training graduates because they are guaranteed to possess a certain level of competency, a level that may not be matched by job applicants from other recruitment channels. 

If you are a community organization interested in partnering with 4 Access Partners to provide job training to members of your community, we would love to hear from you. Contact our team to schedule a time to discuss how we may be able to work together to positively affect your community’s local food ecosystem.

FAQs About Access to Training

Who do you train?

We work with local partners to facilitate the delivery of training content to underserved under-represented job seekers.  This training identifies and trains under-represented individuals desiring entry level/career enabling jobs in the Food Industry. Graduates can go to work in major Food Companies and maybe even as leaders within the entrepreneurs we support!

How do I participate in Food Entrepreneur training?
The first step would be to reach out to our local community partners, such as Northside Economic Opportunity Network (NEON), or contact us to get connected!
How can I learn more about careers in Food Manufacturing?
4AP has a partnership with Summit Academy OIC to train people on Food Manufacturing and help them begin a career in the food industry. If you are interested in the Food Manufacturing program you can learn more at
How do I volunteer?
We are always looking for volunteers to help with our entrepreneur cohort training and Food Manufacturing programs. Please reach out to us so we can help connect you with the right opportunity.