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Our Partners

Our Partners

4 Access Partners relies on partnerships with food-industry corporations, financial institutions, and other organizations to provide clients with the advice and accessibility they need to grow their businesses. These partners offer their expertise in exchange for the chance to help members of their community in a unique way – all while flexing their own problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills.

Our corporate partners and their employees volunteer time and resources to help women and BIPOC entrepreneurs thrive within the food manufacturing industry. In return, our partners reap benefits of their own. Corporate partners are offered the chance to pull from a diverse talent base, while their employees are offered a unique, fulfilling opportunity for professional advancement. Our scale partners appreciate that they are offered access to fast growing, early-stage businesses. The financial institutions we partner with are happy to provide our entrepreneurs capital to grow their business because they know they are “de-risking” their investment; after all, our clients are supported by some of the best minds at leading food companies. 

4 Access Partners welcomes new corporate, scale, and capital partners. If you’re interested in learning more about our offerings, or if you would like to become a corporate partner, contact us to schedule a time to talk

Corporate Partners

4 Access Partners works with numerous corporate partners to pair volunteers with burgeoning women and BIPOC entrepreneurs in their local community. Corporate partners benefit from their employees’ professional development and access to diverse talent, while volunteers enjoy a unique opportunity for professional advancement. 

Corporate volunteers come together to support each of our entrepreneurs based on their unique needs. Our approach is collaborative and customized to maximize results for the client regardless of their business goals.

With access to the support of some of the country’s foremost experts in the food manufacturing industry, our entrepreneurs have increased potential to successfully grow their business. This may decrease the chance of the client experiencing financial hardship and defaulting on their loan, which is good news for our capital partners.

The institutions we work with often benefit from less risky financial agreements, particularly if 4 Access Partners can present an aggregate portfolio of our clients. We like to say that we work to “de-risk” loans; this creates a win-win opportunity for entrepreneurs and financial institutions.

Our knowledgeable cohort of world-class volunteers from our partner corporations come together to offer critical knowledge every business needs. Examples of corporate volunteers include:

  • Food Scientists​
  • Quality, Food Safety, and Regulatory 
  • Engineers​
  • Packaging Experts​
  • Operations Experts
  • Contract Manufacturing Experts
  • Marketing Professionals​
  • Sales Professionals​
  • Finance Experts​
  • HR Professionals


Community Partners

4 Access Partners works with our scale partners to help clients determine the best way to scale their business as they grow. Scale partners are experts at determining gaps in a clients’ current production process, offering creative solutions for bridging those gaps while remaining in alignment with the entrepreneur’s mission and values. Clients may need to scale up several times as their company grows; our scale partners are there to help clients plan ahead and anticipate continued growth. Our partnerships are the key to our organization’s success. If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us to learn more.

Supporting Partners

We have the gracious support of several other partners who have helped make the dream of 4 Access Partners come alive. 

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